Wolfram Gauglitz

President & CEO

Wolfram will tell you that he loves startups and turnarounds, but what he loves most is not having to explain why leaning back in his chair with his feet on his desk is a critical part of the creative process. A BSEE/MBA from Rensselaer, he flirted with the idea of writing software for the rest of his life before discovering his inner businessman. Not comfortable throwing his expensive engineering degree away before his student loans were even paid back, he never left high-tech. Looking back, each and every one of the steps he took over his career put him on a collision course with PicPocket Labs – and he couldn’t be more thrilled.

Wolfram is passionate about intellectual property, revenue models, company culture and strategy and feels blessed to have hit every brick-wall possible in the time it took for the US Patent and Trademark Office to issue his first patent. With almost forty patents/applications now filed, he is considering getting “PICPOCKET®” tattooed on his chest.