where past meets present.

We all had that invisible ‘friend’ growing up. The Hobbes to our Calvin. “ghosting” is a bit like that – except that, with a mobile device, and a little bit of coaching, anyone can view all the content we hide in plain sight.

How does it work? Let’s say I have an image on my phone and I want to leave a copy of it floating in virtual space for someone else to find. Maybe I’m a huge brand who’s promoting a new product or a major-league sports team hell-bent on driving my fan-engagement numbers through the roof. I launch my camera, drag that object into the field of view and manipulate its position to just where I want it and… <click!>

We know which image you chose and how and where you placed it within your field of view. We also have your location information and both the yaw, pitch, roll and orientation (271° North by Northwest) of your phone. When it’s all said and done, we’ll apply sophisticated algorithms against the picture you just took to determine how our “ghosted” object overlaps key objects in the background. And up to our servers it goes.

With all that good data, it’s pretty easy to guide the next person who happens by, how to orient their phone to be able to see your ‘ghosted’ image.

The black & white image in the golden frame? Those were the Hollywood Hills back in the day when Model T’s roamed the countryside.

The color photo just above it? That same stretch of road sometime over the last ninety days.

Now, whenever someone finds themselves in the same spot, who has our PicPocket app installed on their phone, we can deliver them an experience that puts a smile on their face.

Floating in front of their very eyes – a photo, a video – maybe an audio recording. It’s like magic.

Whether it’s a snapshot harkening back in time to days long gone, digital-signage describing a historical landmark, a clue for a scavenger hunt or just you marking your territory like the wild animal you are… ghosting is as flexible as it is fun. And when you combine ghosting with PicPocket’s geofencing technologies, the possibilities are endless.

So get off that couch! You’ve got a whole new world to explore!

Places to go. People to see. Pictures to share.