Stories, selfies, stickers… Just when you thought social media had made its last meaningful contribution to the Oxford English Dictionary, we go out and coin a new phrase.

PicPocket eventsharing means always being in the right place at the right time – whether that means lining the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade route in the brutal, November cold or surfing events from the comfort of your couch. It’s an invisible umbrella that helps curate every photo and video, from every angle and perspective, from friends, family and complete, total strangers, from the live-events that interest you most. It means never having to remember a #hashtag, fumble with a cryptic event-code or chase down your third-cousin who took that great photo but forgot to share.

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You don’t have to have studied Latin word-origins to realize that someone took the two words “geo” and “fence” and smushed them together to describe a new, cool way to share photos. Using Google or Apple Maps (“geo”), we let you draw an area of any shape or any size (“fence”), and then set a period of time where that ‘geo-fence’ should be live.

Want to share your live-event with the world? Make it Public. Maybe it’s only for a few, close friends… Make it Private. Need to keep it hush-hush? That’s what Secret events are for. And if you’re a business who wants to advertise or sponsor a particular event, we’ll let you promote your brand or product in front of the demographic who attends and/or consumes all that great content.

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We could have rested on our laurels after being the first to introduce geofencing-based curation to live-events, but then again, geo-located media is our thing.

With augmented-reality taking the world by storm, driving engagement at the same live-events we’re already a part of, why not raise the bar even higher? Ghosting allows anyone (individuals, businesses or brands) to save media – any media – in a virtual world. A world that explodes with engaging content, begging to be discovered by your mobile phone, tablet or the next line of wearables.

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