Will Pitney

Chief Creative, Banded Armadillo™

Before we met Will, we were literally afraid of drawing anything other than a circle or a straight line. We never strayed far from an Arial typeface. Regular – never BOLD or italicized – not even underlined – and then always in black. But with his creative genius behind picpocketlabs’ Banded Armadillo Rock Club™ NFT collection, now we go to bed with visions of geocaged, free-tailed bats and mutant, pink fairy armadillos dancing in our heads. We’ve jumped the Dasypodidae! (that’s Latin for “armadillo”.) We’ll launch our location-based, NFT collection at the end of the year alongside a website, an NFT marketplace and a mobile companion app complete with all the bells and whistles from picpocketlabs’ IP portfolio – and yes, Will’s maxim on cohesive design will flow through each as he takes us on tour with the world’s first spatial-NFT™ (location-based), digital passport. 

Fun-fact: (don’t ask us how we know this, but…) Will has a closet full of button-downs with dinosaur prints – which is how we knew he was the right armadillo for the job.