Sean Hill

Senior Software Engineer

Sean is a(nother) Rensselaer grad, a Computer and Systems Engineer with a computer science background who, like so many before him, hightailed it to the great state of Texas in search of warmer pastures. He began his career in the telecommunications space, working as a software engineer first for MCI and then Verizon doing design, development, support, testing – anything/everything front and back end development related. C, C++, pl/sql , JavaScript, HTML, Java – yawn – he doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to learn Rust. Why? Because Rust is hard – and he’s really smart – but also because it’s really, really fast and efficient – especially for the blockchain and web3.0 applications he’ll be working on. Now to be clear, programming languages don’t define Sean. No, his love for the Dallas Stars, live music and reading (all about Rust) define Sean. It is worth pointing out that the year before Sean moved to Texas, and for the year he first laid down roots, the Dallas Stars were ranked 1st in the NHL – and have been trending middle-of-the-pack ever since. For that reason alone, we’re thinking of asking him to move to Austin to work that magic in reverse for our beloved Austin FC. #alrightalrightalright