Rich Plakas

Chief Social

Rich has been building websites and executing Digital Marketing programs for the last 15 years. After moving to Austin in 2012, he founded to promote the local craft beer scene – the site quickly grew to over 25,000 social followers. He later founded to help promote local distilleries (and obtain free whiskey.) He’s a true digital nomad who, with the help of StarLink and two 4G routers, has been living full-time in a 45ft RV since January 2021 (thank you, Elon!) When he’s not parked somewhere in/around Austin, there’s a good chance you can find him in Moab, UT sampling/enjoying local spirits/craft beer, BBQ, hiking, enduro dirt bike riding, e-bike riding, snowboarding and blogging. Rich is also an avid dog lover and provides a home to two Rhodesian Ridgeback rescues.