Michael Petersen

Chief Technology Officer

Mike is an enterprising fellow. By enterprising, we mean, he’s been delivering Enterprise-grade, software solutions for, or on behalf of, some of the most recognized technology companies in the world. His entrepreneurial mindset and near-thirty years of software engineering experience has allowed him to design, deliver and explain rich media content management and process automation in such a way that Enterprise executives (both business and technical) can appreciate and understand. He’s led large-scale technology deployments and custom application development (web and mobile) for such major media companies as NBC Universal, CBS, Warner Bros, Technicolor, MTV Networks, TMZ and Microsoft. Mike brings all of that experience to bear on architecting various “-as-a-service” solutions around PicPocket-Labs’ suite of geofencing IP. PicPocket’s geofencing platform includes, but is not limited to, applications for:

    • real-time content capture, aggregation and curation;
    • location-based live-streaming (geo-livestreaming);
    • location-based advertising;
    • drone navigation, control and media capture;

Prior to joining PicPocket Labs, Mike served as Vice President, Advanced Technologies for Bitcentral and as a Senior Technology Specialist for Microsoft – always wearing multiple hats – enterprise strategy consultant, lead architect and lead custom software developer.