Chuck Burt

Product & Growth

Chuck was the first product hire at (NYSE: CRCM), an online marketplace connecting people seeking care services with a national and local network of trusted providers. As one of its first employees, he got to witness what few Internet veterans have – seeing an idea scale from its pre-revenue days to an Initial Public Offering. Today Care has 33mm members in twenty countries driving over $150mm in annual sales. Chuck grew the Product team to fifteen as the company itself rapidly expanded from its ten founding employees to over five-hundred, worldwide.

With the experience he gained in those ten+ years, Chuck now provides product management consulting services (Principal, Blue Tailgate, LLC) designed to help companies – particularly early-stage, growth-oriented startups – scale faster by refining their products, tools, product management processes, and growth processes. When he’s not acting all ‘corporate’, you can usually find him on the slopes somewhere in Vermont, celebrating his latest batch of home-made, craft-beer, deciding what to grill alongside his harvest of fresh tomatoes, squash, zucchini (you name it) in the shortest farm-to-plate in the Green Mountain State.