Allan Nesathurai

Senior Software Engineer

What can you say about someone who graduates summa cum laude from arguably Rensselaer’s most difficult program… and does it in three years instead of four? With a BSEE under his belt, an internship at one of the nation’s most revered R&D centers behind him and now enrolled as a Masters candidate (Electrical and Computer Engineering) at Carnegie Mellon – when he’s not figuring out hard, real-world problems by applying ML algorithms or training CNNs, he’s taking on side projects at picpocketlabs, leveraging patented geofencing and AR solutions to help contribute to some of the fun blockchain/NFT projects we’ve gotten into. He can’t tell you what he’s working on… yet… but if you pay for his textbooks (or an occasional pizza), we’ve given him permission to humble brag about his contributions. We’ve also asked him to keep an eye out for other brilliant (software) engineers who want to get in on the ground floor of web3, so… If you see Allan on campus, say “hi” from us.