Filing is focused on the extension of PicPocket’s core geofencing IP to applications where a subject/object’s position and/or the geographic area-of-interest itself, changes over time.

AUSTIN, TX – July 8, 2017 – PRLog — PicPocket Labs is pleased to announce the national stage filings of its international patent application entitled “Use of a Dynamic Geofence to Control Media Sharing and Aggregation Associated with a Mobile Target.” The application pertains to scenarios where it’s necessary to establish and maintain a geofence to accommodate a large number of related, mobile users (or objects) by adapting the collective geographical envelope to encompass same. These filings build off of PicPocket’s earlier core IP – US patent 9,544,379 (2009 priority date, issued January 10, 2017.) National patent protection for the technology is being sought in China, South Korea and select European countries – the latter via a European regional application.

PicPocket Labs is an early pioneer in geofencing and location-based, content/media IT solutions with offices in Dallas and Austin, TX. The company plans to support broad IP licensing strategies while it develops enterprise services in industries ranging from news, sports, media and entertainment to property and casualty insurance, home and building inspection, agriculture and first-responder networks.