“Systems and Methods for Controlling Venue Cameras to Drive Social, Brand and Fan Engagement”

AUSTIN, TX – May 10, 2017 – PRLog — Leveraging its 2009 priority date for US patent 9,544,379, PicPocket explores marrying its technologies to the use of IP cameras to serve the $60B sports sponsorship market.

PicPocket’s filing, U.S. Serial No. 15/591,122, “Systems and Methods for Controlling Venue Cameras to Drive Social, Brand and Fan Engagement”, describes the use of a mobile device to interact with camera installations at event venues and spaces. The IP cameras described in the application can be mounted in/around a venue or flown overhead vis-à-vis drones, blimps or other unmanned aerial vehicles.

“With our core patent finally issued and our seed round behind us, PicPocket is now revisiting its earlier, 2009 provisional to commercialize those ideas which were previously disclosed but which hadn’t yet been reduced to a separate patent application. Proven ideas which continue to build on our live-event focus and which have already demonstrated interest from venue owner/operators, eventgoers, artists, leagues, sponsors and brands” says Wolfram Gauglitz, the company’s Founder and CEO.

Having previously worked with some of the world’s largest electronics ODM/OEMs, PicPocket will leverage its relationships with leading drone and IP camera manufacturers interested in taking advantage of our IP position. PicPocket’s approach supports both GPS and/or venue mapping to direct event/venue cameras to anyone wanting to capture and share their live event experiences.

Additional information about PicPocket’s interest in the intersection of geofencing and drones can be found in commonly assigned WO2016100601 (Gauglitz), entitled “Drone Based Systems and Methodologies for Capturing Images.”

PicPocket, Inc. is a big-content™ platform with offices in Austin and Dallas, TX. The company plans to support IP licensing strategies with industry leaders in enterprise markets such as retail, property and casualty insurance, first-responder networks, breaking news, home and building inspection and others while launching its own, event-focused, social media app/platform.