Core patent complements growing IP portfolio focused on the intersection of geofencing, augmented reality and drone technologies.

AUSTIN, TX – Dec. 22, 2016 – PRLog — The ability to capture and/or display content through use of date, time and location information is fundamental to nearly every aspect of social media. With that said, PicPocket is pleased to announce that after nearly eight years, it has finally been awarded patent no. 9,544,379 for its novel approach to geofencing–based media capture and aggregation.

“It’s almost 2017 – no one should have to worry about #hashtags or event-codes – or miss that special ‘Kodak moment’ from the events that interest them most,” explains Wolfram Gauglitz, Founder and CEO, PicPocket, Inc.

By allowing anyone (individuals, companies, venues or brands) to draw an area on Google or Apple Maps and then designate a window of time, we enable the next-level of story-telling. Whether it’s a marquee event like the Super Bowl or the intimate setting of a wedding or family reunion, the focus is where it should be – on the event. But to limit PicPocket technologies to consumer photo-sharing (eventsharing™) would be leaving much larger markets unserved.

“Real-world applications in enterprise, retail and government – ranging from managing property and casualty insurance claims to tools for disaster relief and first responders (“mobile disaster photography”) – are a key focus for the company moving forward,” says Gauglitz. “To that aim, the company will make PicPocket’s patented, cloud-based photo aggregation platform available through a powerful API. Third party developers will be able to seamlessly integrate these tools into their own mobile and web-based applications.”

PicPocket, Inc. is a big-content platform located in Austin, TX. The company plans to support broad IP licensing strategies with industry leaders while it stays focused on blending augmented-reality and geofencing-based curation in the consumer, live event space.

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