Company continues to strengthen its IP portfolio through privacy-driven, location-based, best practices first introduced over a decade ago.

AUSTIN, Texas – Feb. 15, 2021 – PRLog — PicPocket-Labs (“PicPocket” or “PPL”) has filed continuations for Patent Application Nos. 16/931,833 (“SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR GEOFENCE-BASED SOLUTIONS FOR TARGETED ADVERTISING AND MESSAGING”) and 16/800,810 (“DRONE BASED SYSTEMS AND METHODOLOGIES FOR CAPTURING IMAGES”.)

Last week’s continuations build on the already broad claims PPL has recently been granted and keeps both our core ’09 geofencing and ’14 drone-as-a-service patent families in a state of open prosecution. This occurs just as the digital advertising world is digesting the impact from the introduction of Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency feature, and as the FAA considers the on-going challenges of introducing UAVs to the national airspace in a way that preserves and respects Americans’ privacy and the rule of law.

residential privacy

The approach PPL proposes for targeted mobile advertising and drone use are related in that a geofence features prominently in the ‘who, what, when, where, how and why’ data can be captured, collected or exchanged; these solutions offer companies a return to the earlier model of the corporation as a good citizen.

Dr. Steven P. Marsh, PicPocket Lab’s Chief Special IP Counsel, notes: “It is exciting that PicPocket’s patent portfolio is maturing right when privacy concerns, location-based IT and drone services are coming to the forefront of the commercial and social media landscapes. PicPocket’s intellectual property is quite relevant to some major trends in these areas.”

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