Patent is focused on the extension of PicPocket’s core geofencing IP to applications where a subject/object’s position and/or the geographic area-of-interest itself, changes over time.


AUSTIN, Texas – July 11, 2020 – PRLog — PicPocket-Labs (“PPL”) is pleased to announce that it has received a Notice of Allowance for US Patent Application No. 15,541,693 governing the “Use of a Dynamic Geofence to control Media Sharing and Aggregation associated with a Mobile Target.”

This new addition to PPL’s growing IP portfolio pertains to the ability to establish and maintain a geofence to accommodate a moving target or a large number of related, mobile users (or objects) by adapting the collective geographical envelope to encompass same. Support for exclusion zones in the aforementioned implementations is also described. This particular application builds on PPL’s core IP – US Patent No. 9,544,379 (2009 priority date, issued January 2017) – as well as US Patent No. 10,640,208 (2014 priority date, issued May 2020) entitled “Drone Based Systems and Methodologies for Capturing Images.” Note: national patent protection is on-going throughout Europe and Asia for both the US Drone and Dynamic geofence -based filings.

“It was the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, who is credited with noting that “the only constant is change.” In the 2,500 years since this observation, we’ve come to appreciate how real-time information in a rapidly changing environment can help businesses, governments and individuals make better, more informed decisions that save time, money and even lives” comments Wolfram Gauglitz, President and CEO of PicPocket-Labs. “The use cases for a geofence that can effectively self-realize and establish a mobile footprint, from land or in the air, are a valuable addition to several enterprise, govt and consumer markets – from first-responder and disaster-relief networks to the world of leisure and travel.

PicPocket-Labs, Inc. is an early pioneer in geofencing-based IT solutions with offices in Austin, TX. In addition to robust API/SDK support for third-party integrations, the company also expects to offer broad IP licensing options and “as-a-service” platform services to anyone utilizing geofencing-based solutions for data and image capture.

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