PicPocket-Labs, Inc. secures .new domain names to offer geofencing, geofilter and drone-on-demand web-shortcuts for Enterprise, Government and Consumer applications.

AUSTIN, Texas – March 25, 2020 – PRLog —  PicPocket-Labs (“PicPocket”) is pleased to announce that its applications for three, .new top-level domain names have been approved by Google Registry during the .new Limited Registration Period (December 2, 2019 – July, 2020.)

“Google’s vision for a more intuitive web, powered by quick and memorable shortcuts that support everyday consumer behaviors, is in keeping with PicPocket’s mission of geofencing the world”, states Wolfram Gauglitz, Founder and CEO of PicPocket-Labs, Inc.

“Ten+ years ago, we added a layer of intelligence to photo sharing and general, media curation by introducing a novel, geofencing-based approach to photo/video capture and aggregation. What we found is that geofencing is wildly applicable to all manners of Enterprise, Government and Consumer markets – in smart cities and connected stadiums, from supporting first-responder activities to streamlining property and casualty claims. So now we’re drilling down into specific products and markets” continues Gauglitz, “leveraging our early IP position to deliver a simplified approach to common tasks which millions of people carry out every year, or will soon.”

PicPocket will launch claim.new, geofilter.new and drone.new to showcase its Geofencing-as-a-Service and Drone-on-Demand platforms throughout Q2, 2020.

claim.new (and claims.new) – represents a web-shortcut for homeowners/policyholders to quickly/easily initiate, document and report a P&C (home/auto) or farm/crop claim by: 1) automatically creating a private geofence around the location of the claim/loss being reported, which in turn 2) enables the policyholder to take photos and videos using a mobile device (phones or drones) and have them automatically be associated with said claim if they are taken within the claim-specific geofence during the window of time established by their insurer.

PicPocket’s virtual-claims platform is enabled by US Patent No. 9,544,379 (“Systems and Methods for Event Networking and Media Sharing” – 2009 priority date) and European Patent No. 3,192,040 (“Systems and Methodologies for Validating the Correspondence Between an Image and an Asset” – US, Canada, Australia pending – 2014 priority date.)

geofilter.new (and geofilters.new) – represents a web-shortcut which allows users to upload a custom, graphic/media template (or choose from those available) which they can then associate with a geofence for:

  1. events (i.e. youth/pro sports, live concerts, parades, holidays, etc.), and/or
  2. a geographic location (i.e. monument/landmark, state park, sports venue, restaurant/pub, business, city/state/zip-code, etc.)

PicPocket’s geofilter service is enabled by (among others) US Patent No. 10,574,614 (“Geofencing of Obvious Geographic Locations and Events”) and US Patent Application No. 16/728,011 (“Systems and Networks to Aggregate Photo Content for Heuristic Ad Targeting”), which relate specifically to the creation, use and sharing of custom media templates to enhance photos and videos taken while attending specific, live-events or which meet certain geographic and temporal criteria – media templates which enable eventgoers to advertise/highlight their participation at these same events, and which brands and sponsors can use to target eventgoers with highly relevant advertisements, information, coupons, deals and the like.

drone.new (and drones.new) – represents a web-shortcut to summon or dispatch a drone, on-demand, to a specific geofence where drone navigation and the capture/sharing of media/data can be managed by users of the platform in real-time.

PicPocket’s Drone-on-Demand platform is enabled by US Patent Application No. 15/537,415 (“Drone Based Systems and Methodologies for Capturing Images” – allowed in the US – pending in China, EU, Canada, Australia), which relates specifically to the marriage of geofencing and the ability to assume control of a UAV (unmanned autonomous vehicle) for purposes of navigation and media capture.

PicPocket-Labs, Inc. is an early pioneer in geofencing and location-based IT solutions with offices in Austin and Dallas, TX. The company will offer broad IP licensing strategies to the drone industry, support API/SDK solutions for third-party integrations and develop custom GaaS/DaaS products to engage enterprise customers in industries ranging from news, media and entertainment, property and casualty insurance, home/building/infrastructure inspection, agriculture and first responder networks.

For more information about PicPocket-Labs, please visit us at: www.PicPocket.com.