PPL to develop Geofencing-as-a-Service and Drone-as-a-Service solutions to support content collection for virtual claims and underwriting; integrations planned with leading, cloud-based, Insurance-as-a-Platform players and major carriers.

AUSTIN, Texas & SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – March 15, 2020 – PRLog — PicPocket-Labs (“PicPocket”) is pleased to announce that it has hired Darren Proctor, a former Duck Creek Policy Solutions Architect consultant of fifteen years, to lead all platform architecture and middle-ware development of its new claims.app offering. As Chief Integrations Officer, Darren will oversee the integration of PicPocket’s solutions with both individual carriers and Insurance-as-a-Platform providers.

“Over the years, Darren has advised dozens of insurance carriers on how to best leverage the Duck Creek platform to meet their specific needs by providing full-stack, implementation services across architecture, technology and business processes” explains Wolfram Gauglitz, President and CEO, PicPocket-Labs, Inc. “As someone who has been implementing the Duck Creek platform since version 1.x, he has a deep understanding of Duck Creek’s offerings, the carrier/platform/vendor landscape, the policy market, the P&C industry as a whole and how to best roll out and support market-driven solutions in a manner which advantages early adopters.”

“If the goal of business digital transformation is to help streamline and drive the costs out of a process through automation, both geofencing and drones represent technologies which improve the quality of data collection, at a much lower cost, and in a fraction of the time, than what’s currently being practiced” continues Gauglitz. “We’ve long held that PicPocket’s geofencing technologies were well suited to the Property and Casualty space. Providing real-time services to resolve claims quickly while simultaneously helping guard against fraud is the goal of every insurer” contends Gauglitz. “Distributed, core-systems which are easily upgraded, infinitely scalable and seamlessly integrated – are the future of P&C; solutions which offer common integration points – whether that be across various, modern Insurance platforms or in offering technology solutions that speak to both policy and claims – are the answer.”

“As mobile devices – phones and drones – continue to benefit from technology advances in cellular networks, camera image/sensor-quality and gps accuracy, a mobile-first strategy to develop “low-touch” solutions for claims and underwriting improves both the customer experience and insurers’ bottom-lines” explains Proctor. “The use of technology to easily guide policyholders through a process, using their hardware instead of the carriers’, represents not only a significant cost savings but also a path forward that could shift some of the more routine aspects of data collection to homeowners.”

“Low-touch is the holy grail of most labor-intensive businesses.” continues Proctor. “What it boils down to is: no emails to agents, to forward to underwriters, to attach to policies. No calls back to the insured explaining why another visit is needed to complete the process. Rather, leaving the filing of a claim to the homeowner or policyholder – with as much or as little interaction as the carrier desires.”

PicPocket-Labs, Inc. is an early pioneer in geofencing-based IT solutions with offices in Austin, TX and Springfield, MO. We hold seminal patents for the real-time, capture, aggregation and curation of media/data using geofencing to automate and validate the integrity of claims data. We offer GaaS and DaaS solutions as robust APIs and mobile SDKs for cloud-service providers and carrier integrations that provide policyholders/homeowners the tools to file virtual claims, independent of carrier.

For more information about PicPocket-Labs, please visit us at: www.PicPocket.com.