Company announces two key appointments from the Property and Casualty Insurance space – industry veterans representing significant experience in Finance/Operations and large-scale IT/Systems Integration.

AUSTIN, TX – August 18, 2015 – PRLog — PicPocket, a mobile app and geofencing platform which enables the real-time capture, curation, mining and visualization of location-based content, announces further board appointments of Carol Sanders, former Chief Financial Officer at Sentry Insurance and Joel Matthies, Managing Partner at Stonebridge Consulting Group.

“After experiencing first-hand what went into filing and then following a property and casualty claim from start to finish, it was obvious that the same platform we had built to support photo sharing at live events wasn’t limited to consumer applications” explained Wolfram Gauglitz, CEO, PicPocket, Inc. “It really was a eureka moment” referring to the broken pipe and subsequent flooding of Gauglitz’s home that led to the idea. “While we’re very excited about going head-to-head with all the social media darlings focused on curating content at live, consumer events, we also recognize that with a few modifications, our platform is able to serve large enterprise opportunities as well.”

“While there are more than a handful of industries that are ripe for disruption, few are as large or as concentrated as Property and Casualty Insurance. Bringing Carol and Joel on board to help us identify and prioritize the right industry segments and partners is an investment in our future” adds Wolfram. “Their involvement not only means that we stay focused on the largest of these markets – but that we architect a solution that allows third-parties to design applications which leverage our IP.”

Carol Sanders is an insurance industry finance and operations executive with over 25 years of professional experience. A CPA, Sanders has served in leadership positions for some of the nation’s top performing property and casualty players. Her first-hand experience in running insurance companies brings invaluable insight into the commercial application of PicPocket technology in the world of property and casualty insurance.

“PicPocket’s creative application of geofencing, GPS and wireless shows strong promise for the industry” says Sanders. “Back office and field operations of insurance companies can derive significant benefit by greatly streamlining the claims adjudication process, the loss prevention process, enhancing fraud detection and prevention and by disrupting old ways of doing business. This has real potential of ushering in new business models that can enhance profitability across the board.”

Joel Matthies is a Managing Partner of Stonebridge Consulting Group, an insurance industry specialist with significant experience and knowledge in transforming core systems through the implementation and support of Guidewire’s core system suite. Joel has twenty years of experience in large-scale, IT systems integration and design specific to property and casualty claims management and risk visualization.

“Technology has always been the great equalizer. Smaller insurers who leverage mobile solutions and the cloud stand to gain advantage over larger companies who are more reluctant to reinvent themselves” said Matthies. “PicPocket’s geofencing -based curation solves a number of problems not only for the property and casualty market, but for first responders, organizations involved in disaster relief, home owners associations, property developers/managers, etc…” Matthies adds “We’re excited to be working with PicPocket to explore all of the different use-cases where their technology can provide meaningful, real-time information that saves time, money or lives.”


Carol Sander’s prior financial positions include Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer for Sentry Insurance; Chief Operating and Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer for Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company; Vice President and Treasurer of American Medical Security and Treasurer for SECURA Insurance Company. Sanders serves on the Board of Directors of Alliant Energy (NYSE ticker LNT).

Joel Matthies has held Chief Information Officer roles at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company and Ent Federal Credit Union. Joel was responsible for the Personal Lines Division at Jewelers Mutual, chaired the Technology Committee at the Jewelers Board of Trade and oversaw large-scale Guidewire implementations both at Jewelers Mutual and for Stonebridge clientele. Matthies also served on the Board of Directors of Jeweler Board of Trade.

PicPocket is a mobile startup with offices in Austin and Dallas, TX and is an early pioneer in location-based services. The company filed its first patent application in 2009 for systems and methods dealing with the real-time curation of content within a geofence and has been actively building out its portfolio since. For information on tailoring PicPocket for your property and casualty needs (available in both iTunes ( and Google Play (…)), please contact us at the email provided below.

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