Geofencing, event-based photosharing. Photo sharing the way it was meant to be. 

AUSTIN, TX – August 2, 2015 – PRLog — PicPocket allows anyone with a mobile phone to create an instant photo album that captures and organizes all of life’s “Kodak moments”, in real-time, at live events, worldwide. It’s the evolution of photo sharing – eventsharing™ through geofencing.

In fifteen seconds or less, PicPocket allows users to designate an area using Google or Apple Maps, name and schedule their event and invite friends. Events can be made public or kept private. Users can limit participation only to the friends they invite or publish it for anyone to join.

“We wanted to make it a lot easier to capture all of life’s special moments. By letting anyone drop a virtual umbrella over a little league diamond in Nebraska or Yankee stadium in the Bronx, a church and the bride’s home, along the Macy’s Day Parade route or a road trip with friends, the idea was to take the pain and frustration out of having to chase down photos that you would have otherwise missed” says Wolfram Gauglitz, President and CEO of PicPocket, Inc. “Photos “automagically” appear in the right event based on when and where your guests snap their pics – no more having to ask, “will you send me that photo?”

“In keeping with providing our users value and convenience, we also partnered with Walgreens to make printing up to one hundred photos at a time effortless – giving users the option to pick them up nearby or have them printed closer to a loved one. With 8,200+ retail locations to choose from, there’s a very good chance they’ll be ready by the time you head back home from your event.”


• Print – want to turn some of those cool pics into keepsakes? Send just the ones you want to one of 8,200+ Walgreens locations for quick and easy pick-up.

• Share – we want you to be able to let the world know where you’ve been and what you like. We encourage you to share PicPocket content with other apps and on social media.

• Save – we allow you to store your events and photos with the storage services you already use.

• Snapshot feature – with a flick of the map, see the most recent or most popular events and photos from around the world.

• Views – enjoy all of your content filtered by Nearest, Most Popular, Most Recent, My Events, My Friends, My Favorites and Recommended. Want a view we don’t support? Drop us a note and we’ll make it happen.

• Picarazzi™ feature – fifteen minutes of fame isn’t nearly long enough considering how important you are; establish a roaming geofence anywhere/everywhere you go so you can be the center of attention.

• PicUp™ feature – schedule an Uber ride to and from your event.

• Upgrade to PicPocket Pro and PicPocket Business – * unlimited storage, ability to schedule events well into the future, your own 24/7/365 PicPocket geofence, revenue sharing and product placement.


PicPocket is an Internet startup with offices in Austin and Dallas, TX which enables friends and family to curate content from any live event, from every angle and every perspective, finally making good on the promise of eliminating the pain, frustration and clumsiness of modern day photo-sharing. Use cases for PicPocket EventSharing™ include weddings, family reunions, youth sports, concerts – any social setting where pictures are taken.

“PicPocket” is available for free in both the Apple App store ( and Google Play.