Company complements its geofencing-based, content-curation platform with IP to “ghost” images in virtual space in order to boost interactivity between event-goers, venues and brands.

AUSTIN, TX – March 4, 2016 – PRLog — PicPocket is pleased to announce that it has taken a license to patent no. 8,963,957 “Systems and Methods for an Augmented Reality Platform” for its novel approach to the storage, retrieval and viewing of geo-located media.

“I was first introduced to Mark Skarulis and his “ghosting” augmented reality platform back in March 2011. As Rensselaer alumni, we’d crossed paths a few times” says Wolfram Gauglitz, Founder, PicPocket, Inc. “It was immediately obvious to me that our shared interest in geo-based content would ultimately intersect.”

“Between PicPocket’s eventsharing™ technology (novel geofencing-based approach to real-time, content curation) and Mark’s ability to register an image in virtual space using date, time, location and handset orientation information (“ghosting™”), we now have a complete offering to provide brands, venues and event-goers the ability not only to capture and share experiences, but interact with them.”

“The ability to “ghost” digital properties, brands and images at a landmark or live event (i.e. major league sports, concerts, fundraisers, etc.) for everyone to discover and enjoy is an obvious application” says Skarulis. “PicPocket’s focus on live-events and their platform solution for aggregating and curating content gives it big camera potential. If I had to bet on the next big thing in true, social sharing, PicPocket is it. We’re excited about the synergy.”

“We have been working closely with our patent counsel to develop a portfolio around PicPocket’s core IP. With the addition of “ghosting”, we strengthen our position in the live-events space” says Gauglitz. “We expect to further enrich the PicPocket experience over time by providing additional support for patentpending features such as dynamic/adaptive geofences, route mapping, exclusion zones, tools for advertising and event sponsorship, use with drones – and now augmented reality.”


PicPocket is an Internet startup with offices in Austin, TX. PicPocket’s technology enables friends and family to curate content from any live event, thereby eliminating the pain, frustration and clumsiness of modern day photo-sharing. Use cases for PicPocket eventsharing™ include weddings, family reunions, youth sports, concerts, and any other setting where pictures are taken.